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Prototype 29th Sep 2016, 11:44 AM edit delete

At what time Kyla's father got totally crazy is any ones guess, but somewhere in his obsession with resurrecting the dead things got really out of hand.


What a rat! Kyla went south to rescue her dad, but it looks like her father was plotting the dirty on Kyla from the get go! That just goes to show that you can't trust anyone these days!

And way to go to you too, Prototype! I will be the first to say that this new revelation is a nice twist! Every time I saw those zombies skulking in the corners I thought those walking cadavers really were zombies, and I never imagined those lurking dead were nothing more than costumes with somebody else inside! Zip-on zombies are really a new wrinkle!

Thanks, glad the twist was to your liking!

I wouldn't say it is just a costume he is wearing, more like some kind of organic skin perhaps. It will get another shape

Rather than resurrect the dead wife just go with incest. It's cheaper, easier and just as heinous.

El Cid
Take this guy to family counselling. Actually, this whole family needs it.