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Prototype 21st Sep 2016, 8:51 AM edit delete

James in his cool dude room, is struggling with his conscience.


WiiFM. What's in it for me. But then this guy doesn't look like one to know how close kicking ass and taking names is to getting action from a hot babe.

El Cid
Yeah, that sounds like James alright. Swanky room he's got there!

I love the satire in this page. James has that wonderful seventies blowdry hairstyle and turtleneck sweater. The walls of his room have posters of 'Wonder Woman' and one of the detectives from 'Charlies Angels', big franchises from the seventies. He listens to music on an old seventies turntable and calls people on a rotary phone. And, of course, he sleeps on a bed shaped like a race car. The blast from the past effect is wonderful!

Even his sexuality seems frozen in the seventies, when sex was still swinging and the epidemics of herpes and HIV had not yet arrived to spoil the party. Right now he seems to be having a crisis of conscience. The odds seem high that he will end up climbing down that well after all; the odds also seem high that he will get nothing for his pains except a trip through the belly of a monster from Mars.

Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed all the details. I think it really does add a lot to the feel.