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Prototype 15th Feb 2016, 8:15 PM edit delete
This story takes place sometime in the early 1970s, which provides us with lots of funky clothing as well as the convenience of not having to bother with people using cellphones or the interwebs.

It's primarily a horror story but it has plenty of humour, weirdness and odd characters. Hope you will like it!

Script and colors by me. Artwork by Logan Force. You can check out his other wacky comics HERE.


Right into the thick of the action! I like it. I hope we see more issues of Big Bonks magazine!

logan force
I thought about drawing a whole issue of it as like a bonus thing... maybe you'll get to see in issue of big donks in the future.

Heh, that would be a fun extra. :)

70s... so no hairless snatches then?

There's gonna be some bush yeah!

Hooray for hair. Big hair and lots of hairspray.

logan force
big hair, fun to draw for like three pages and then I started kicking myself.

Yay, a second page! Like how this starts. Lots of promise.

El Cid
Groovy, baby! Glad to see this finally kicking off!

Big bonks,lol