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Prototype 25th Oct 2016, 10:02 AM edit delete

It all ends in a super goofy way as it should. Some time after the last page Kyla has formed a team with her brother James, Rufus the dog and the miraculously surviving partner Anna-Belle, and they are ready to go on new strange cases together.

Hope you enjoyed this story. Thanks for reading!


Great story. I loved it.

Awe. Heartwarming and lights up the .....soul....

Down boy. Down.

Now THAT'S how you end a comic! :D

El Cid
It couldn't have ended any other way. I'm glad Anna-Belle's arm healed. I was so concerned... about her arm. Loved this comic! You did a good job with it, both of you! It was kind of a Scooby-Doo meets Resident Evil meets Debby Does Dallas type of thing.

Perfect ending, yes.

This was a fun comic. It is nice to see a happy ending in which most of the characters survive -- even that gosh-darn dog. The plot was coherent and made sense on its own terms, and the character stayed in character all the way through. Having said that, there are still downs as well as ups in the narrative.

I think we all regret the switch from color to sepia about half way through. And, the last ten pages are too compressed. Too many scenes were switched without establishing shots in ways that made the story hard to follow, and many panels were just too small to include enough information. Much of the last five pages could only be understood by reading the captions which the author put at the bottom, like a comic from the nineteen-thirties.

The transition between the last two pages is a good example of this. In the gap between these two pages, one of the characters has survived a wound from a broadsword to the thorax and recovered enough to walk around. Another character has abandoned his life as a lazy wastrel to become a detective. All of the characters have returned to the city to work as monster hunters. In a 'usual' comic, this much story would demand and get at least two pages of development. Here, the author explains it all with a caption, and relies on the readers to fill in the gaps with their years of watching TV. Heaven knows I like the comic, but I like it enough to wish that the story got enough space to do it justice.

I really appreciate the in depth critique of the comic and I would say I agree with what you point out.

Most of the flaws are due to trying to move the comic along in a good pace, but things probably got a bit rushed at the end. Glad you liked the comic overall though. It was a fun project.

Great stuff. love that you saw it through to the end. Cracking story.

Well done!

The perfect ending!